What Led Us to here: Before going Tiny!

Please note this is a summary of my last blog.  I lost the blog in a website move in order to give me more for longer.

1800 SQ FT of FAMILY space
Family Home

Before thinking of going tiny.  We were both in very large, very possession oriented places in our lives.   We met and realized there is so much more to do that just work for things.  We both love to travel and do things.   So, first thing was to get rid of our 1790 sq ft home and move to better climate where we would be able to do what we wanted to do more often.  So we got our house ready and got rid of it.   I have all of the photos available for this house transformation that we did.  Everything from new plumbing to new floors.  We absolutely loved and hated the process.

We bought property on the Gulf in Mobile AL so we could then build a cabin resort with bar and grill on it… 5 years ago.  We then knew without being here to work on it we would never get it done.  Hence, buying the house we have just finished, Mobile AL.


Fishing Cabin
Fishing Cabin
Beginning to Middle
Beginning to Middle

Fast forward 5 years.  We have started building Tiny to move to our property.  We are making Tiny self sustaining so we can take her anywhere we want to go.

I will go through Day 1 to Day 11 of the build rather quickly So I can get recaught up on the building of Tiny.


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