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We at ReddsOasis believe in giving all the information upfront and honestly to all our readers and followers. If you are just passing by or stopping in every time we have an update, we will answer those questions as honestly and fully as we can.

Here goes the most recent questions…..

Did you build it yourself?

  • Yes, we built the one on the car hauler in about 9 months give or take a month being gone for vacation and another month for weather and all work was done on weekends only not everyday of the week.

How much will you charge us to build, or how much does it cost to build a tiny house?

  • We do not build them for everyone. We do this for ourselves and we research everything so our costs are based on what we research and will never be the same for someone else. We do some bulk buying for items we know we will need for other projects.

How can you live in a tiny house?

  • We knew we did not need a lot of anything, we do not look at material items the same as others do these days. We do have a cell phone and cell based notebook with data: this gives us internet, we have electricity via wind and solar power, we have paired it down to basic fundamentals of clothes and shoes…. again we do not look at all the ‘possessions’ of today as the ‘necessities’ of life. We love it outside, we love being together and we love not owing on material items…


Realize when you say those words, I might give you a look… not that you could not do it, however, think hard before you go to do it.

We did go from 2000 square feet with 2 car garage, to 1000 square feet with shed, to 192 with a shed for tools and a 20 foot x 16 foot deck (screened in partially for ‘outdoor kitchen’ (yes I say it like that because it is a grill and sink).

Here is what you need to do if you are totally serious about tiny house living….

  1. Pair down… get rid of anything and everything you know you do not need
  2. Find what size tiny house you think you could live in… Realize, our one on wheels was 8 ½ x 16 with a bed loft and 5x2x3 closet ( I can upload full specs of storage if it helps?) The second tiny house is 12 x 16 so just about 4 feet wider (just for the fact we did not put the loft in it)
  3. Now getting to this step is key! Measure out a room in the house; place EVERYTHING you think you need in this space.
  4. Pair down again… (We pick things for our house with the idea it will have duplicity.)
  5. Make sure you are not afraid of change… this is how we have done it – also keeping up with the latest trends is not our thing, being free of debt and having the ability to travel or do what we want is now at our fingertips.

Note:  Sizes of Houses:

The average size house is more than 1000 square feet with the median size  in the US being 2662 square feet (247.3 m2)  . 

The small houses are less than 1,000  and greater than 400 square feet (93 m2).

The tiny houses are less than 400  and greater than 100 square feet (37 m2).

The micro house being less than 100 square feet (9.29 m2)

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