Day 22: 4 hours rain rain rain

We got to work for about 4 hours this New Years Weekend.  We did the doors on the front of Tiny.  We offset them so we could make sure both doors opened and I will do a treatment on them to SteamPunk them out as I did the sides. 

I have to go get the copper fitting for the front and the Paint for the roofline and front.  Our next projects will be the inside walls/closet and bathroom door…. as soon as it is done raining!  Happy New Year everyone!


Day 20 and 21 Christmas Weekend

These 2 days we installed the gas lines, the roof, the front siding and prepped for the doors on the front storage.  We only prepped because we used the wood for another project.  This weekend we will hopefully get a day of wonderful 70 degrees as the last two work days were and we can get it done 😀

When we finally get done with the other projects, I will steam punk out the exterior with copper, bronze and other colors of paint.

Our next project will be the interior walls, closet storage and bathroom doors so they can be painted and the bathroom can concrete board and finished.


Day 20. Siding

Today, we did siding and replaced the lights.  The LED lights we had bought for inside Tiny were faulty.  They refunded our money and we ended up getting new ones that are wonderful, directional and seem to be brighter?   We also have the propane gas lines ‘mocked up’.  Not in and on because we are missing one coupling that is coming in Tuesday (which happens to be today).

However, our big accomplishment was siding. We sided Tiny!!! Taking all of 8 hours to accomplish.  We have to do a couple finishing pieces (which I picked up today) and metal the front but she is sided and really protected now.

Half way done side 1
side 2 half done
Side 1 done
side 2 done
Side 3 done

Our next projects include the roof/front doors and the interior walls in the closet and the closet storage system.  This way we will be able to put up the bathroom walls, shower walls, and the door.  The only thing holding up progress for us has been the shorter days and holidays.  The time of days are passing but working days is still 20.

Maybe next week we will have the closet done, walls done (so I can paint), floors in and refrigerator and toilet ordered.  We would love to test her for Christmas!

Thanksgiving weekend. Day 17-19

Day 17: We were going to rock Thanksgiving weekend with work.  Not realizing everything we could do on Thanksgiving day required us to have something else done that we had to go get parts for.   So we worked for a couple hours then ate the Thanksgiving meal I had prepped while working too and relaxed watching movies and catching up on ideas. (We looked at Black Friday sales flyers too)

Theater Screen Wall
Theater Screen Wall
Half Walls
Half Walls
More Halfwalls
More Halfwalls
Our Heater
Our Heater

Day 18: Black Friday:  If they had anything we needed on sale, we did not see it!   We went in got what we needed for plumbing and left – FOUR TIMES!  We then spent a couple hours with the grey water lines: dry fitting it, gluing it and being done with it.  We also did all of the water lines with pex (flex plumbing and push fittings – best plumbing out there!!)

Washer Hookups
Washer Hookups
The Inner Workings/ Behind the Scenes Plumbing
The Inner Workings/ Behind the Scenes Plumbing

Yep look at that saw dust I need to get out of there before closing up….

Shower Hooked Up
Shower Hooked Up
Sink plumbed
Sink plumbed
The Outer workings of the Plumbing
The Outer workings of the Plumbing

Day 19: We installed 2 ceiling fans and 2 exhaust fans. We also finished the hook ups on the plumbing lines.  All told a couple hours of work!

Kitchen Ceiling Fan
Kitchen Ceiling Fan
Kitchen Exhaust
Kitchen Exhaust
Family Area Fan
Family Area Fan
Bathroom Exhaust
Bathroom Exhaust

We have to replace the LED lights – the one set we got were faulty and they have sent us a refund and we had to order a new set. We have received and installed voltage meters for the battery inverter side, in order to not over power everything.   We have a new larger solar power controller on order in order to ensure that we do not overpower and blow out the 30w one (please note that our first system will be used on our van)

We have to run the gas lines next and finish the power to the batteries – This way we can get our new solar panels and batteries ordered.  We are digging deep to get the $3000 – yep $3000 to not have to have a power bill or be connected to anything – This will give us 1KWh of power solar panels and 1000ah of batteries, giving us MORE than enough to do the house daily with regular ‘luxuries’.  We also are digging in to get the $1600 for the composting toilet ($1000 with solar ‘burn’ so you only remove ash once a month) and to get the water recycle/capture system set up in order to just recycle our grey and capture rain water and filter all of it.  We are looking to be totally self sufficient.  These are the items that are not necessary for a regular house to be connected to the grid.

However, these items are:

  • Connecting to the power grid: $5000 + $75 a month basic
  • Connecting to water and sewer in a new location: $5800 + $50 a month basic.
  • These costs are upfront fee and then monthly fee for as long as you are turned on and the hook up fee is non refundable!

For us the cost efficiency is there. We are willing to put more work in to go green and being more mobile in the long run.

Day 15- We’re on Solar!

We got the solar and 12v lights hooked up, we are waiting on our 12v ceiling fans.  This will eliminate any extra fans we might need in Tiny.  The idea for us is to run as much as we can off of the sun.  We currently have on order 600ah batteries and 500w of solar panels. This will add to the 100w solar we have and the 80ah batteries we have already.

We will evaluate and then purchase more batteries or panels as needed. However, we will probably not need any more of either since we are using low wattage everything and higher wattage items such as refrigerator or stove will be propane.  Our coffee pot is a perk (top of stove).  Even our washer runs on 6a – very low power usage!

single solar and batteries
Single Solar Panel and Batteries
12v panel
12v panel
Living Room Lights
Living Room Lights
Under Loft Lights
Under Loft Lights
Kitchen Lights
Kitchen Lights
Loft Light
Loft Light

One resource we used to determine the best battery type for our solar is:

Next weekend, Yes the Holiday Weekend, we are hoping to get the ceiling fans in, the plumbing done and the walls up and painted, and if we work real hard, we will get the closet done also.

Day 14

Well, we worked on Tiny for one day of this last weekend.  It is getting harder and harder to work on her for long periods of time since our daylight has gotten shorter for winter.

Today (Well Sunday): We got the wood for the walls, the paint, the water heater, the front cabinet, the solar inverter and built the front cabinet for her.   The front cabinet on her will hold the water heater, the solar batteries, the electrical panel, the inverter, the exchange panel, the propane, small outdoor tools and water tank.  It will in the end also give us some aero dynamics with the shape.

On Demand Hot Water Heater
On Demand Hot Water Heater
Front Utility Cabinet Framed in.
Front Utility Cabinet Framed in.
Wood for the Walls
Wood for the Walls
Paint Colors and Accessories.
Paint Colors and Accessories.

Image result for sage green sherwin williams

However, we had to spend the other day of our weekend winterizing everything else… oil changes, tires, mufflers, power washing and sealing.  So we lost an entire day with maintaining everything else. I will update again on day 15 of work.

Day 12 and 13

This weekend was days 12 and 13 working on Tiny.

Day 12 we completed the wall studs and ceiling/closet floor, the bathroom door build and the electrical for tiny (not including the installation of the lighting.)  We do however have plugins that work inside her now!  We also drew out and started placement of the externally attached storage for the propane tanks and electrical units we will need to make sure that tiny is self sufficient.

Day 12 – Installed the Stud walls for the bathroom and built the bathroom door for the barn door track we have to install.

Shower Wall
Shower Wall
Bathroom Studs
Bathroom Studs
Bathroom Studs with Door
Bathroom Studs with Door

Day 13 – Installed all the plugins and placed the light switches.  Ran the lines and Tested.  Tiny is running on her own.

Living & Bedroom Walls of Electrics Installed and Working
Living & Bedroom Walls of Electrics Installed and Working
Kitchen Wall Electrics Installed and Working
Kitchen Wall Electrics Installed and Working
Back Up Generator
Back Up Generator

Back from Vacation until Day 11

Hubby went back to work the day after coming back from Vacation. Work has slowed up.  We are officially on Day 11 of our build but we are physically 3 months into it.  After this next post I will be going back to day to day posting.  I feel bad that I did such a great job on the last blog and I have rushed to put this one back together.

DAY 6 – All the exterior wood was put into place so we could reseal it and start on the window and door placement. * realize that we were stopped midstream due to rain also.

First-Second Layer
Sheeting Halfway Done
Second Layer Edge Sealed
Second Layer Complete
front seam sealed.
Ace Sealed from the Weather
Another View of Sealed!

DAY 7 – We opened up the sealant and Placed the door and 2 windows in.

Opening Up Sealant To Place Door
Sealed with First Window in!
Sealed with Second Window IN
Door Sealed in Also
Roof Resealed!

DAY 8 – We built the 2 platforms for plumbing and storage, also the stairs to the loft.

Bathroom Riser
Storage Platforms Almost Completed
Stairs Before installation
Platform Done Stairs to loft in Place
Bathroom/Kitchen Platforms/ Shower Basin Set In Place

DAY 9 – All the interior wall insulation done and shower basin in, lights recieved.

Our 24x24x12 shower basin
another view of insulation

DAY 10 – Insulation in the ceiling, purchased flooring, and stove

Ceiling Insulation
Ceiling Insulation
Our Stove

DAY 11 – Ceiling wood in.



First through Day 5

Our first through fifth days were right before we went on vacation.  Attached are the photos of the build.  At the end of the build I will give an entire materials list of what we used and a basic run down of cost on this build.  This is our first tiny build but not our last.

The Beginning
First Purchase
The Base layout
Floor Joist Setup
In Floor Insullation
Our ‘subfloor’
Our Roof Truss – Todds Complete Design- Less Height Great Strength!
Our Wall Base Boards
Wall Base Boards First Layout of Appliance Attempt
First Studs Going up
First Studs from the front
Loft Floor Joists in… most of first floor studs in
Day 3 sees an end to the First floor and door frames in
Day 4 Start of upper floor
End of Day 4
Day 5 Ceiling Trusses IN!
Roof Sheathed!
Side being dried In
See The awesome Arch!
Dried in Ready for Vacation
Completely Dried In



Before Starting

We had sat down and decided to build Tiny.  She is an 8 1/2 x 16ft car hauling trailer.  We decided to make the transformation and researched how easy/hard/long/tedious she would be to create a masterpiece that we would live in.  We have our ups and downs with designs and placements.  We have had our moments of clarity on what will and wont work so far. Also, we have made changes and modified as we have been going along.

Our first motivator was the following: tinyhouses-infographic-1000wlogo-768x1152tiny-living-benefits-300x130tiny-house-2-1024x186

We have been working with a great program to do the layout called: The download was free and it is easy to work with.  Or you can work with it online.

Our Kitchen and bathroom ‘storage’ floors.
Our Bathroom 2 feet by 6 feet

Knowing that federal regulations require the height of a ‘camper’. tiny home or anything being less than 13′ tall and less than 8’6″ wide, our specs were then drawn up.  We made a cushion in our height and width both.  This made our inner dimensions 90″ wide and 10feet tall (not including the extra 6 inches in the center ‘vault’ that we gained.)

We have had several attempts before we got the layout the way we were both happy.  We also made sure we used durable materials that were not ‘heavy’ so far.

Our layout is basically as shown below with our under loft (only under the loft) height being 6’4″  Our living room area (4 ft x 7’6″ ft is a full 10 ft)  our loft area where our bed is 42″ at the edge and 48″ in the center.  our kitchen height is 8’6″ (since we put a 18 inch storage riser under it)  our bathroom is a 6″ step down from the kitchen and 6’2″ tall, this makes our closet/storage above the bathroom to be 36″ at the edge and 40″ at the edge.  giving us a great amount of storage area for our pair down of clothes we have.   Our basic layout is seen below.

cropped-house-layouthome3d1home3d2-300x247 home3d3-300x293home3d4-714x576 home3d5-556x372home3d6-716x576 home3d7-670x576home3d8-718x576 house-layout-702x576