Days 25-29

We did the bathroom, the closet and I started the painting… FIRST.COAT.DOWN

The concrete board is up for the shower, the walls are completely done, now we have to seal it, paint it then floor it… then the composting toilet will be ordered.








We also started our water collection system from the artesian well on our property. That took the day after the shower being done

Image result for natural spring water collection

The closet and the walls for the closet are up and the shelf and hanging bar are in! That hole is a door opening so we do not have to climb into the loft to get into the closet… we will be creating a door for it once we get the slider bathroom door up.







First Coat DONE!!! I have a few more to do since I am doing an abstract art piece on the walls.

Once I am done painting we will seal everything then we will do the floors, storage units, sofa, and then last but not least place the refrigerator. 😀

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