day 42 and driveway

This has been another 2 weeks of getting things ready but not working but one day on Tiny.  Unless you include having to replace items that were broken.  We had an issue with one of the solar panel connectors and a charge controller hookuped up.

We also have been working diligently to get our pulling vehicle on the road all the way, which has been trying to nickel and dime us every step of the way.  I say nickel and dime but it is more like $300 here $300 there.  Our 220 mile test run of the van went very well and we are now going to take it on the long haul to Kansas for a graduation next week. This means it will be another 2 weeks before we really get to work on Tiny again (unless we squeeze more storage building into the weekend – 5 more pieces to build)

So day 42 was spent in the kitchen putting in custom built to fit storage – since nothing comes standard 😀

And today, I took a fly by trip to the property and we have a driveway!!!! YAYAYAYA!!!!!!

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