Day 40 and 41 Storage and Trim

Friday night we got the pulling van running such an awesome easy fix.  Luck was with us on this! Now, I need to find new seats and new dash parts for it to fix little things.

Day 40:  We did the storage for around the bed and under the kitchen area.  Each pullout is on wheels, with the for diminsions being 14x17x47 , 14x18x47, 14x17x40 and 14x17x34 giving us alot of rolling storage for dry goods, appliances and other incidentals.

34 x 17 x 14 rolling storage
17 x 14 x 47 inch rolling storage
all storage except the one that goes in front

Around the bed storage… (still needing the bottoms lined) but they are 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide with one wall being 89 inches and the other being 72.  alot of storage added.

89 inches of 14 inch x 9 inch storage
72 inch x 14 inch x 9 inch storage
Storage / bed view when on the floor now
view to below from other side of bed

Day 41: Today, Trim Header and Footer boards and dressing up the wheel well so we could put a drop down counter on that side.

‘CROWN MOULDING’ – aka Header boards
Hammered Copper Wheel Well
Between the Beam Headers

We have 3 more areas for storage to add:

  1. under the futon sofa which is 2 @ 29x29x14 on wheels (which will hold shoes, weights, guest pillows, outdoor items etc
  2. the over head drop down storage that will be 2 @ 4x89x14 and 1 @ 4x66x14 (incidental storage)
  3. The over toilet storage which will be once the toilet is hooked up.

We are also getting the land set up for the driveway…

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