Day 38 and 39

This weekend we spent putting things together for the kitchen… and the loft railing. Nothing major just alot of small jobs.

This is the railing to hold us up in the loft so we don’t fall into the kitchen while sleeping

Our stove and kitchen counters are in!!! Hinged so each side can lift independantly. This way I have a place to fold laundry or prep food. ( we are still working on the under stove storage, and found that I have 6 inches on top of the washer to make storage for things like cutting boards 😀















Our canned good in wall storage rack…. hard to see I will get a better picture posted.  However, when the bathroom door is open, you can not see it at all ;D






This week we will finish up the small odds and ends that we can so next weekend we will put the composting toilet completely in, build boxes for the storage areas and hopefully move in for the test run.




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