Day 36 and 37

So I was out for 2 weeks… leg up, non weight bearing knee surgery and since I had my ankle done 9 months ago and reinjured it – on the opposite leg and I am not good at balancing: Crutches were way out in left field for me. Oh yeah AND it was Mr.’s birthday… Happy Birthday ( on the 28th of March) to my most wonderful love and partner in life.

I am back with day 36 and 37 of work progress.

Yesterday the wiring, panel, charge controller, plugs  were set up… we did have one issue so it was fixed today.









Along with this we also built the frames for the solar panels to mount too.  Making them portable yet stable.







On Day 37: We repaired the wiring issue, and finished mounting the panels and wiring them together.  We are now completely on solar!!! YAY!!!









We are looking at building the railing boxes, the kitchen, and installing the toilet in the next week… its been getting less difficult, yet more difficult to work these days with such nice weather and the urge to go fishing and canoeing.  However, we are looking at the fact that once we do get Tiny done… we will have alot of time to do this.


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