Day 34 and 35

On days 34 and 35: We mounted a rack on the back for the batteries and wind generator pole.


After we did this we created the slide out bed/sofa and I ordered the mattress for it. I must say it is rather comfy – inner spring serta full sized mattress.

The rack on the back was done…only to change our minds about how it was made and Todd then welded a different one on. He measured, placed, cut, and welded the rack, while I found the cases for the batteries. MUCH more sturdy!







I did the floors in the bathroom and we did the floors in the rest of tiny. (only have to add the base boards now.)






Our next projects are storage for the under the kitchen, under the sofa, above the sofa and around the master bed. Oh, and we can not forget the building/mounting of the kitchen stove/moveable countertop over the washer.

Make best of hanging storage between the ceiling joists. Swing down the drawers to be available while working, and out of the way when done working.
Under the Bedroom & above the sofa storage
drop in storage cubes chest
Around the Master bed (only shorter 13″ tall)
Related image
Under the sofa and kitchen storage
around the bed windows
Around the Bedroom Window
lift up counter top for over the washer
EcoStorage 11.5 in. W x 17.75 in. D x 16.5 in. H Steel Wire in Cabinet Pull-Out 2-Tier Drawer
under stove storage.

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