Before Starting

We had sat down and decided to build Tiny.  She is an 8 1/2 x 16ft car hauling trailer.  We decided to make the transformation and researched how easy/hard/long/tedious she would be to create a masterpiece that we would live in.  We have our ups and downs with designs and placements.  We have had our moments of clarity on what will and wont work so far. Also, we have made changes and modified as we have been going along.

Our first motivator was the following: tinyhouses-infographic-1000wlogo-768x1152tiny-living-benefits-300x130tiny-house-2-1024x186

We have been working with a great program to do the layout called: The download was free and it is easy to work with.  Or you can work with it online.

Our Kitchen and bathroom ‘storage’ floors.
Our Bathroom 2 feet by 6 feet

Knowing that federal regulations require the height of a ‘camper’. tiny home or anything being less than 13′ tall and less than 8’6″ wide, our specs were then drawn up.  We made a cushion in our height and width both.  This made our inner dimensions 90″ wide and 10feet tall (not including the extra 6 inches in the center ‘vault’ that we gained.)

We have had several attempts before we got the layout the way we were both happy.  We also made sure we used durable materials that were not ‘heavy’ so far.

Our layout is basically as shown below with our under loft (only under the loft) height being 6’4″  Our living room area (4 ft x 7’6″ ft is a full 10 ft)  our loft area where our bed is 42″ at the edge and 48″ in the center.  our kitchen height is 8’6″ (since we put a 18 inch storage riser under it)  our bathroom is a 6″ step down from the kitchen and 6’2″ tall, this makes our closet/storage above the bathroom to be 36″ at the edge and 40″ at the edge.  giving us a great amount of storage area for our pair down of clothes we have.   Our basic layout is seen below.

cropped-house-layouthome3d1home3d2-300x247 home3d3-300x293home3d4-714x576 home3d5-556x372home3d6-716x576 home3d7-670x576home3d8-718x576 house-layout-702x576


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