About US

Hi! We are ReddsOasis. Thanks for stopping by.

At ReddsOasis, Our first goal is to make the world more self sustainable, one person at a time. We are hoping that we can make an entirely self sustaining ‘luxury’ resort.  I say that in quotes because we are wanting to keep it as you would within a hotel, without using the resources that a hotel does.  We are wanting to make sure that our footprint helps the environment.  We would like to grow our own food for the resort, recycle everything we can, use composting and solar power.  We know this seems far fetched for the world of today, yet we are so close to the world of yesterday as we are far from the world of tomorrow.  Lets use this time to create our own luxury reality.  

Our second goal is to create Tiny homes for the homeless. However, in order to do this we must have backing, funding and assistance.  These homes would be self sustaining and would help others have a place to live.

Message me if you would like to donate time, money, resources in order to make this a reality.