Day 40 and 41 Storage and Trim

Friday night we got the pulling van running such an awesome easy fix.  Luck was with us on this! Now, I need to find new seats and new dash parts for it to fix little things.

Day 40:  We did the storage for around the bed and under the kitchen area.  Each pullout is on wheels, with the for diminsions being 14x17x47 , 14x18x47, 14x17x40 and 14x17x34 giving us alot of rolling storage for dry goods, appliances and other incidentals.

34 x 17 x 14 rolling storage
17 x 14 x 47 inch rolling storage
all storage except the one that goes in front

Around the bed storage… (still needing the bottoms lined) but they are 14 inches tall and 9 inches wide with one wall being 89 inches and the other being 72.  alot of storage added.

89 inches of 14 inch x 9 inch storage
72 inch x 14 inch x 9 inch storage
Storage / bed view when on the floor now
view to below from other side of bed

Day 41: Today, Trim Header and Footer boards and dressing up the wheel well so we could put a drop down counter on that side.

‘CROWN MOULDING’ – aka Header boards
Hammered Copper Wheel Well
Between the Beam Headers

We have 3 more areas for storage to add:

  1. under the futon sofa which is 2 @ 29x29x14 on wheels (which will hold shoes, weights, guest pillows, outdoor items etc
  2. the over head drop down storage that will be 2 @ 4x89x14 and 1 @ 4x66x14 (incidental storage)
  3. The over toilet storage which will be once the toilet is hooked up.

We are also getting the land set up for the driveway…

Day 38 and 39

This weekend we spent putting things together for the kitchen… and the loft railing. Nothing major just alot of small jobs.

This is the railing to hold us up in the loft so we don’t fall into the kitchen while sleeping

Our stove and kitchen counters are in!!! Hinged so each side can lift independantly. This way I have a place to fold laundry or prep food. ( we are still working on the under stove storage, and found that I have 6 inches on top of the washer to make storage for things like cutting boards 😀















Our canned good in wall storage rack…. hard to see I will get a better picture posted.  However, when the bathroom door is open, you can not see it at all ;D






This week we will finish up the small odds and ends that we can so next weekend we will put the composting toilet completely in, build boxes for the storage areas and hopefully move in for the test run.




Day 36 and 37

So I was out for 2 weeks… leg up, non weight bearing knee surgery and since I had my ankle done 9 months ago and reinjured it – on the opposite leg and I am not good at balancing: Crutches were way out in left field for me. Oh yeah AND it was Mr.’s birthday… Happy Birthday ( on the 28th of March) to my most wonderful love and partner in life.

I am back with day 36 and 37 of work progress.

Yesterday the wiring, panel, charge controller, plugs  were set up… we did have one issue so it was fixed today.









Along with this we also built the frames for the solar panels to mount too.  Making them portable yet stable.







On Day 37: We repaired the wiring issue, and finished mounting the panels and wiring them together.  We are now completely on solar!!! YAY!!!









We are looking at building the railing boxes, the kitchen, and installing the toilet in the next week… its been getting less difficult, yet more difficult to work these days with such nice weather and the urge to go fishing and canoeing.  However, we are looking at the fact that once we do get Tiny done… we will have alot of time to do this.