Day 23-24: Interior Walls

We did this in 2 days because it rained again.  Our winter consists of ‘cold snaps’, where it gets to 28F (approx) at night and 30’s during the day for about 3 days then it goes back to 60-80 again and rains like crazy.  In order for the walls to not get wet and damaged we waiting and took the moments that we had to get the walls done….. We (being me) have not painted yet.  We (being us) still have to complete the closet storage, closet wall enclosure, and bathroom exterior and interior walls.   That is hopefully going to be this weekend.  Then we are on to storage units, flooring installation and building a sofa/bed pullout/storage.   We are nearing the finish line of being able to try her out too. It will be an advanced backyard campout…

Day 22: 4 hours rain rain rain

We got to work for about 4 hours this New Years Weekend.  We did the doors on the front of Tiny.  We offset them so we could make sure both doors opened and I will do a treatment on them to SteamPunk them out as I did the sides. 

I have to go get the copper fitting for the front and the Paint for the roofline and front.  Our next projects will be the inside walls/closet and bathroom door…. as soon as it is done raining!  Happy New Year everyone!