Day 20 and 21 Christmas Weekend

These 2 days we installed the gas lines, the roof, the front siding and prepped for the doors on the front storage.  We only prepped because we used the wood for another project.  This weekend we will hopefully get a day of wonderful 70 degrees as the last two work days were and we can get it done 😀

When we finally get done with the other projects, I will steam punk out the exterior with copper, bronze and other colors of paint.

Our next project will be the interior walls, closet storage and bathroom doors so they can be painted and the bathroom can concrete board and finished.


Day 20. Siding

Today, we did siding and replaced the lights.  The LED lights we had bought for inside Tiny were faulty.  They refunded our money and we ended up getting new ones that are wonderful, directional and seem to be brighter?   We also have the propane gas lines ‘mocked up’.  Not in and on because we are missing one coupling that is coming in Tuesday (which happens to be today).

However, our big accomplishment was siding. We sided Tiny!!! Taking all of 8 hours to accomplish.  We have to do a couple finishing pieces (which I picked up today) and metal the front but she is sided and really protected now.

Half way done side 1
side 2 half done
Side 1 done
side 2 done
Side 3 done

Our next projects include the roof/front doors and the interior walls in the closet and the closet storage system.  This way we will be able to put up the bathroom walls, shower walls, and the door.  The only thing holding up progress for us has been the shorter days and holidays.  The time of days are passing but working days is still 20.

Maybe next week we will have the closet done, walls done (so I can paint), floors in and refrigerator and toilet ordered.  We would love to test her for Christmas!